Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christian Acronyms

Enjoy these acros!!

BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
GRACE: God's Riches At Christ's Expense
FROG: Fully Rely On God
CIA: Christian In Action
PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens
IROCC: I Rely On Christ Completely
CIA: Christ Is Alive
COPS: Christians Obediently Preaching Salvation
IBIG: I Believe In God

W omen and men
A wakened
R emoving the spiritual veils
R emembering the blood
I ntoxicated with the spirit
O ffering help to those who God appoints them to
R aiding what Satan stole from them
S ouls fighting, warring against the metal and glass

BUSY: Being Under Satan's Yoke
BABE: Born Again Believer Eternally

ALIENS - A Light In Every Neighbourhood and School
ALIENS - Adolescants Living to Impact Everyone with News of Salvation
DOG - Depend On God
GOD - God Our Defender
FRIEND - Fully Reliable In Each New Difficulty (or Day)

WWJD backwards - Devil Just Won't Win
PUSH backwards - Holy Spirit Unites People
FROG backwards - God Our Righteous Friend

J Justified by God
U Under the blood
I In Christ forever
C Changed by the Holy Spirit
E Empowered by His love

B.A.S.I.C.: Becoming A Soldier In Christ
Be B.I.G.: Be Big In God

CHRIST - Certainly His Resurrection Is Supreme Truth
ASAP - Always Say A Prayer

WWJV: What Would Jesus View (Not your views; Not the worldview)


Getting People Saved
Guiding People to Salvation
Gospel Preaching Soldiers
Getting Prayers Said


In Len Sweet's book, he wrote down the acro for NUTS:
"The gospel presents a life-changing NUTS wisdom that conflicts with normal ways of making sense of the world. There is the World According to Normal. There is the World According to NUTS ... where NUTS is ...
.... Never Undererstimate The Spirit.
.... The wisdom of Jesus is a NUTS wisdom."
I live in the world of 'NUTS'!!!


FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
JOY: Jesus (first) Others (second) Yourselves (last)
PRAY: Praise Repent Ask Yield
SIN: Self Inflicted Nonsense
LOVE: Listen Overlook Value Encourage
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken): Kids For Christ
TLC: Teens Loving Christ


I don't like the word, LUCK. But, if I see it in a different way, it would be spelled out like this:

Living Under Christ's Kingdom


TGIF: Thank God I'm Forgiv'n

And finally....

As opposed to ESP, I'll say, HSP which stands for Holy Spirit's Perception


Anonymous said...

BASIC also can mean: brothers and sisters in Christ. :)


Anonymous said...

A All
M Mighty
E Eternal
N Name

Anonymous said...



Invisible demon spirits and



Jose Soriano. said...

Hello, i just CURIOUSS, HOW YOU GOT SAVED IN HEART BY JESUS CHRIST??? I really want to heard about you? u mind? so email me

God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

ASK=Ask, Seek, Knock (Matthew 7:7-8) a great way to remember these two verses. Plus the word ask in the strong's concordance means to beg. BEG = Believe Everything Greater.
Matthew 7:7-8
Ask, and it SHALL be given you: Seek, and ye SHALL find: Knock, and it SHALL be opened unto you.
For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

ardithdoesart said...

Here is another one for you.
RAINBOW - Reaching All In Need By Our Witness

Thanks, Ardith

Anonymous said...

Help, I need a christian acronym for DOLLS. It's for a girls club camp theme, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

We live a world where basically, anything goes. So, if you like music, that communicates your love for Jesus, who demonstrated His love for you, by paying the ultimate price, and coming back from the dead; then you'll appreciate MUSIC, Man's Ultimate Solution Is Christ

Joy said...

Here is another one for GPS
God Provides and Supplies!
From Joy in Picayune, MS

Anonymous said...

need a children's ministry acronym for shine. help?

wcbpolish said...

you forgot TULIP...

Kim C said...

I need one for HANDS. Thanks

MusicGirl334 said...

Here is one that I made up. This'll be a good one for Sunday School or even a children's ministry: J.A.M.

Jesus And Me

Anonymous said...

Need one for TRINTY please????

Anonymous said...

Help I need one for NERDS OR GEEK. Its for our youth revival that's coning up